What does ‘iView’ really mean?

If you’re looking to buy or rent a new home in London you will probably have done a fair amount of research from the sofa – scouring estate agency websites, scrolling through portal results and keeping one eye on property market news are all part of the modern property search process.

The style of an estate agent’s website, then, can make a huge difference to the experience.  How informative the site is, how many questions the agency has tried to answer and how easy the site is to navigate: all are indicators of the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the company in question.  Agency sites can also lead to interesting and different ways of experiencing the property search; while Rightmove and Zoopla lists all follow the same simple design template, agency sites such as that of Balham estate agents James Pendleton are able to present investment opportunities more clearly and attractively.

The London agency’s new website design includes an interesting feature which displays the interiors of properties in a similar style to Google Street View. Called ‘iView’, the feature allows you to drag your cursor around the space and to move through it interactively.  This means getting a different sense of a space you would otherwise experience only in print.

For vendors and landlords the benefit of something like ‘iView’ is also clear; the more contact a potential buyer or tenant has with a property, the better informed their choice is.  For James Pendleton developing a new website was all about helping each party to be more informed.

“IView, along with our interactive floorplans, property market guides, property jargon buster, mortgage calculator and in fact every element of our site, has been included in order to give everyone involved with a property as full a sense of that property as possible” says Founder Director Lucy Pendleton.  “The more insights into a property we can offer through things like ‘iView’ the more useful the initial sofa-based property search will be; consequently the better informed each client will be.  It may seem like a small factor in a property sale, but details such as ‘iView’ really help the sale or rental process to run more smoothly.”

To find out more about James Pendleton estate agents’ London offices visit the company contact page.  To test out iView look for the ‘eye’ symbol on property pages or visit the iView guide.