James Pendleton ‘Angels’ at your service

_DSC0097The ‘Angel’ after sales care department at leading London estate agents James Pendleton will celebrate three years of being in operation in March 2015. In that time the department has extended the traditional estate agency service and beyond through a series of initiatives that have proved extremely popular with clients.
The department is run by Zara Salih, an experienced property professional who specialises in customer service. “Providing a professional, courteous and thorough service to clients is key to good estate agency; at the same time it is something not many estate agents get right. As an independent South West London estate agents we at James Pendleton know our area inside out. That doesn’t stop us from continually searching for ways to provide a better service to our clients and to answer any question, large or small, which they may have.”
Among the initiatives set up by the ‘Angel’ department are a comprehensive key holding service whereby homeowners can leave a spare set of keys with their local office in case of emergency. The department also provides information on local contractors and helps clients to arrange appointments with trustworthy local companies as well as the ever-popular gift pack for new move-ins.
The ‘Angel’ department centres around local knowledge and service and as such is the embodiment of the local, independent, knowledgeable South West London agency it represents. In October Zara will have been working at James Pendleton for ten years and she and the Angel team have exciting plans for the year ahead, all designed with client firmly in mind.
If you have any questions about the after sales care service, or if you are about to move and have questions about what will happen when you do, contact James Pendleton’s Angel department on 020 7501 1045 or email angel@jphomes.co.uk


Why it pays to put property online in the festive season

Ewen 290 260

At this time of year you are likely occupied with sourcing presents, attending parties and making plans for family get-togethers. James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Sales Manager Ewen Bunting advises that by making a quick phone call you can add selling your property to your Christmas to-do list.

While you may be aware of the regular new year property rush, the Christmas period represents an excellent and often missed opportunity to beat the crowd. With most of the population at home by the fireside there are plenty of hours to while away on Rightmove and Zoopla on 25th and 26th December, and the Christmas break gives many people much needed time to collect their thoughts and make the first step towards moving.

“If you are considering moving in the new year, our advice is to acting sooner and get that extra exposure” says Ewen, who is based in James Pendleton estate agents’ office in Clapham South and Balham. “By picking up the phone and speaking to one of our consultants you could set the ball rolling for your property to be marketed to tens of thousands of potential buyers who’ll be sitting at home browsing the portals”.

If you are ready to bring your property to the market there are things you can do to make it stand out. When getting ready for viewings it’s advisable to keep Christmas decorations on the simple side and the same philosophy applies to getting rooms ready to be photographed. Our guide to presenting your property is a useful resource to refer to and our team are happy to advise on the presentation styles that have worked for our clients in recent months.

Why the pre-Christmas weeks are good for house hunting tenants

BP Snow!

The six weeks before the festivities have a reputation for being ‘dead’ for lettings because no one moves and therefore there is a perception that there are few properties worth having a look at.
For the savvy renter however looking for their next abode the lead up to Christmas can be an ideal time to find a home to let for less rent than they might pay in the New Year.
Rental price indices support this. For the past three years prices have dipped significantly both in London and elsewhere in the UK during the four to six week run up to Christmas and the New Year.
Indices published by HomeLet show this seasonal trend depressed rental prices from a national average of £850 a month to £800 a month last year, or just under 6%. And in London prices dipped by up to £100 a month during the same period or nearly 8%.
“It’s a matter of supply and demand,” says Tanya Yates, Associate Director at South London lettings agent James Pendleton. “People move out of properties in London during late November and early December for various reasons including, as an example, to start new jobs outside the Capital. Yet new tenants looking in London tend to leave it until the New Year to start nailing down a property to rent.”
This, says Tanya, creates a short-term glut of properties on the market and a shortage of tenants to rent them, which is why prices dip during the run up to Christmas.
Conversely, the time in the year in London when there’s strongest demand for rental properties, and when prices tend to start climbing, begins in May and ends in September when prices peak.
“If you’re looking for your ideal rental property at the best price but don’t mind the hassle of moving home close to Christmas, then there’s plenty of opportunity to cut a deal,” says Tanya Yates.

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Are London’s price rises slowing down?

London’s property market continues to be robust for buyers and sellers alike, however two factors have seen favour sway from sellers to buyers in recent months.

The traditional summer lull when many potential buyers are holidaymaking rather than making offers, plus the recent tightening of mortgage lending rules following the government’s Mortgage Market Review, have helped pushed down prices in London by 5.3% during August according to Rightmove.

“After a period of dramatic property price increase over the last eight months, including prices climbing my by as much as 20% earlier in the year in Battersea, the summer has brought a much calmer buying climate,” says Tim Hays, sales manager of the Battersea office at London Estate Agents James Pendleton.

“Back in early summer property was coming to the market and being sold within a week, often via a sealed bid auction with multiple buyers bidding against each other.

“The pace has now slowed as values have reached an all-time high and buyers are being more cautious with the offers they make.”

It is most definitely still a good time to sell; despite house prices falling for three months in a row on average, London’s homes are still worth 10.3% more than they were a year ago .In some parts of the capital this figure is even higher – for example in Wandsworth prices have increased by 12%.

London has therefore rapidly become a buyer’s market as the last weeks of the summer have approached, something that happens to a greater or lesser degree every year but has been amplified this year by such an active property market earlier in the year as vendor expectations have been raised.

“It’s not all bad news for vendors,” says Tim. “If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, offer it at a realistic level and you’ll still sell at a very good price. South West London is a very strong investment area and one of the most popular places to live in the Capital.”

Three trends for this year’s autumn property market

buy and sellThe London property market experiences several high points each year driven by different seasonal trends.

For example, the market heats up during the run up to Christmas as people try to complete before the market closes down for the festivities. Then, during the first week of January a surge in the number of buyers pushes up demand and therefore prices.

During July and August, when most families go on holiday, activity increases once as owners try to sell before they go on holiday and again in September as buyers come back from their trips away ready to move home.

Rising demand during the autumn peak period pushes up prices. For example the team at Wandsworth Estate agents James Pendleton last year observed that prices began creeping up in October and November before peaking at a monthly average increase of 2.1% in December – before simmering down to a relatively tame increase of 1% in January.

In London properties sell 5% faster in October than in September so the later in Autumn a property goes on the market, the quicker the sale is likely to be. Properties sell even more quickly after the New Year –homes sold 40% faster during the first three months of the year in London compared to the three months before.

To find out about the current market conditions or if you have a question about buying selling or renting property speak to the team at London estate agents James Pendleton.

Five reasons why late summer is a rental frenzy

The late summer months and early weeks of autumn are some of the busiest in the year as thousands of tenants look for properties to rent in London. Here’s research from London estate agent James Pendleton that reveals why and explains how tenants need to be planning ahead NOW (and thinking about when they will be giving notice) if they want a relatively hassle-free house move later on.

A lot of students arrive in the capital in August and early September looking for a property to rent before term starts at their University in late September.

Last chance lounge
For some people early autumn is the last opportunity to find somewhere new to rent before Christmas. This may sound mad but if you’re giving a month’s notice then you’ll need at least a month of searching (September) then the notice period (October) and then move in November. Otherwise you’re moving home in December, which few fancy doing.

Blue sky thinking
Many people come back from a couple of weeks in the sun determined to ‘sort out’ a better place to live.

According to Facebook September is the month when, after a lull during the summer, the largest numbers of people change their status to ‘in a relationship’ which in turn increases the number of new couples looking for their first rented home together.

Catchment areas
In today’s wildly competitive school admissions system parents are increasingly renting within a good state school’s catchment area to get on the list. This means there’s a surge in demand during July and August because most schools start lessons in late August or early September.

London lets: Are new-builds better than ‘period’ properties?

London is currently awash with new-build developments rising, shiny and new into the capital’s skyline in almost every district. Many of the individual properties within these developments are being snapped up by landlords and in some cases as many as 70% can be destined for the lettings market.

And yet for many landlords new build properties are seen as less attractive than solid period properties that come with a rental track record and are within proven property markets.

So if you can’t decide between these radically different buy to let offerings, here’s a guide to each type’s pros and cons, courtesy of London estate agent James Pendleton.

New-build properties


  • Fixtures, fittings, equipment and appliances are totally up to date and meet the latest requirements.
  • Leasehold lengths tend to be longer than older properties.
  • The buying process is easier because there’s no onward chain.
  • Developers often offer ‘buy to let’ packages including multiple property purchase discounts, furniture packages and property warranties.
  • New homes are more energy efficient than older ones and therefore cheaper to heat.


  • Annual service charges within new-build apartment blocks can be pricey.
  • New-build blocks tend to flood the local rental market with properties, potentially weakening local average rental yields.
  • New-build properties can require a lot of post-purchase remedial work, which may annoy tenants.
  • New-build properties are often more expensive to buy than older ones.

Period properties


  • Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian homes are more sought-after than newer ones.
  • Period features such as tiled fireplaces, cornicing and bay windows have timeless appeal.
  • Room sizes and ceiling heights are usually more generous than new-build ones.
  • Walls and ceiling thicknesses are larger, making neighbour noise less of a problem than new-build homes.


  • For apartments, leaseholds are more likely to be shorter unless the lease has been extended recently.
  • Maintenance and renovation bills will be higher and more frequent than new-builds.
  • Heating bills may be more expensive than for new builds.
  • Planning permission for extensions can be difficult to win if the property is listed.

To enquire about making a buy to let investment or for questions about rental property contact London estate agents James Pendleton here.

Property guide: Parsons Green

The White Horse, Parsons Green

The White Horse, Parsons Green


Parsons Green is a large neighbourhood located within a large bend of the Thames that has been sought after by property investors for some time now for several reasons. The area’s chief appeal lies in being less expensive than neighbouring Chelsea while still offering the kind of airy, wide streets and substantial Victorian houses Londoners love.

The area, which is named after the village green on which the vicar of Fulham once lived, is only 25 minutes by tube from the West End and 35 minutes to the City. It offers four-bedroomed terraced period houses for on average up to £1 million more than Clapham Common, for example, but significantly less than Chelsea. Part of its allure, and high prices, is that the whole area is a conservation area, which in part has helped keep the character of the area intact.

The area is split into around three distinct and desirable areas and property values vary accordingly.

Peterborough Estate
Named after Peterborough House, a mansion that used to stand here, the estate is to the south east of Parsons Green tube station and is famed for the ‘lion’ statues that sit atop each of the red-brick houses on its streets. “Chipstead, Chiddingstone and Quarrendon Streets are all very popular but in general the Peterborough Estate is where the area’s most sought-after houses are found,” says Peter Clarkson, sales manager of agent James Pendleton’s local office.

It’s a name forever connected to its eponymous tennis club, but the roads to the north and west of this sprawling park and private sports and leisure club are much loved for their wide, ‘riverside’ feel and the many villa-style period houses that line the streets; These are very popular with those lucky enough to be members of the Hurlingham, which is a 42-acre oasis of verdant calm set around a Georgian mansion.

Moore Park Estate
Named after the Irish estate of the area’s former owner J Percival Maxwell, Moore Park Estate is in the northern half of Parsons Green and ends on the Fulham Road by the entrance to Fulham FC. Many of its homes are a short walk away from both Eel Brook Common and Fulham Broadway tube station. The bright lights of both the Fulham Road and the King’s Road are also nearby.

What about the rest?
These three areas, and the types of large house they feature, are most popular with families but it’s the homes around Parsons Green tube and the famous White Horse pub or ‘Sloaney Pony’ which attract singles, professionals and young couples in droves.


Wandsworth area property guide

Wandsworth Town has transformed into a fashionable place to live as high prices in other areas of the borough, coupled with a billion pound investment scheme, make it one of London’s new hotspots.

Home buyers and in particular dual-income 30-somethings with and without children love the area’s diverse range of properties including cute period cottages, large early Victorian villas, mid-range period semis as well as modern riverside apartments.

“Wandsworth town centre is relatively small and consequently a few ‘villages’ within it have become the most popular places to live,” says David Barker, Wandsworth Town & Tonsleys office manager at local estate agent James Pendleton.

These include the Tonsleys, a grid of streets, many with Tonsley in their titles and containing some 600 Victorian and mostly terraced houses. Demand for these houses has pushed up the average for the area to just over £1m although some of the larger high spec properties have been on the market for up to and over £1.2 million. To give a measure of their popularity, ten years ago these wisteria covered properties were selling for approximately £400,000. This area, which is bordered on two sides by the A3 and by the A214 and A217 on the other two, is also famous for fashionable gastro pubs and cafes.

Another area that has witnessed feverish development and house prices rises recently is Spencer Park to the South West. Locals like to call it ‘millionaire’s row’ and its large mansions, one of which is home to chef Gordon Ramsay, command prices of several million pounds.

Some of Wandsworth’s most sought after addresses are those on the ‘toast rack’ roads on the edge of Wandsworth Common, so named as they are arranged in a way that resembles a stretched Dualit. Prices for detached and semi-detached houses there have been approaching (and in one case achieving) £4 million-good news for one of its famous residents, Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer.

The town’s centre is tipped for great things at the moment, helped by the imminent redevelopment of the famous Ram Brewery site, formerly where Young’s beer was brewed and part of a £1 billion makeover for the town’s central streets. Nearby, more new-build developments are popping up. Stroll along the area’s former industrial wharf river frontage and you’ll see a waterfront shimmering on both sides of Wandsworth Bridge with an array of upmarket glass-and-steel apartment developments.

Battersea Square Mews: future living in the heart of Battersea


A superb new development coming soon to Battersea offers luxury lifestyle in one of London’s most up-and-coming areas. Comprised of five townhouses and four apartments, Battersea Square Mews represents a remarkable investment opportunity which we are delighted to present to the market.

The new development is located in Battersea Square, an elegant corner of Battersea with a cosmopolitan feel. The square is home to an outstanding selection of bars, cafes and restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s newly opened London House, all within walking distance of historic Battersea Park and the Battersea Power Station.

What’s more, the square is just 50 metres away from the Thames; Chelsea is just across the river and the upcoming Diamond Jubilee Bridge, which has recently been granted planning permission promises even closer ties with the King’s Road and Imperial Wharf in the near future.

Schools in the area are excellent and include L’Ecole de Battersea and Thomas’ Battersea, providing families moving to the area with resources and opportunities for a first class education.

The Battersea Square Mews development has been designed with quality, comfort and style in mind. Elegantly appointed throughout, the nine properties benefit from Comfort Cooling, Sonos audio, Rako lighting control and a host of other amenities including Italian kitchen units, ample storage and secure parking.

The development’s designers have created a seamless indoor / outdoor living experience, making abundant use of natural lighting through floor-to-ceiling windows and putting careful thought into the layout of outdoor spaces. Each apartment features a stylish outdoor terrace providing superb views of the local area, while the Penthouse boasts a spectacular 550sq.ft. roof terrace viewing platform over London.

To find out more or to register interest in the Battersea Square Mews development contact James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Battersea Park office on 020 3137 8833.