Riverside property in London


If you’re looking to invest in property in London, we recommend that you explore the riverside. The Thames is the beating heart of London and has been instrumental in forming the city’s unique character over the centuries and has an exciting future, shaped as it is by new development initiatives. The team at London Estate Agents James Pendleton run through some of the best things about property at the riverside.

Incredible riverside views

This is the obvious one – if you live along the river you’ll enjoy incredible views. During the day the Thames offers a sense of space in the heart of a busy city, while at night the water glitters and shimmers as the lights of the metropolis hit the surface. The city’s bridges each have a different character and story, while a walk along the Thames reveals landmarks including the London Eye, Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament and the Shard.

The key to London’s character

The Thames has shaped the character of the Capital without a doubt. In fact, without the fertile soil and speedy transportation it provided the Capital might not have developed here at all. In London’s early history the city itself was small and surrounded by farmland irrigated by the river; in more recent years the Thames became a conduit for the vast amounts of raw materials needed to fuel the Industrial Revolution. Living at the riverside, you’ll be connected directly to the rich history and vibrant character of a unique city.

Reliable investment potential

The iconic riverside is a reliable place to invest; views, central location and deep connection with the character of London give areas along the Thames a huge amount of development potential and make them ultra-appealing to buyers and tenants.

Central location

For those living along the riverside, getting into work or doing some shopping can often be done on foot – as the Thames dissects the Capital, if you live along its banks you will be within a short distance of a great range of amenities. Sought after locations easily accessed from the riverside include Chelsea, Fulham, Putney and Nine Elms. Explore the city by taking a different route and you will learn a lot more about it than you would taking the Tube!

New Homes

The riverside is home to some of the city’s most exciting property developments. Due to the area’s popularity and investment potential the banks of the Thames are home to some of the best and brightest new build developments in the UK, which are often quickly snapped up. The Wandsworth section of the South Bank and the Nine Elms region are areas to look out for if you’re thinking of investing in new build property in London.

Are you interested in exploring riverside property in London further, or visiting specific developments? Our recently opened Battersea and Riverside office specialises in property along the Thames; speak to our team today if you’d like to find out more about the riverside properties on our books.

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How to renovate period property well; a stunning example in Battersea


Recently used as an example by English Heritage of how to properly modernise a church building, The Sanctuary in Battersea is a property opportunity that truly stands out.

The development, comprising four modernised apartments and one new build house, demonstrates a sensitivity to the character of the original building and an outstanding eye for design. The interior spaces are truly beautiful, highlighting and emphasising the church’s stunning original features and bringing them to life in new ways through use of surface, colour and texture.

Developers have made particularly striking use of the old church’s incredible stained glass windows, framing them with colours and patterns which gently repeat their arches and curves. Fabrics and materials are used innovatively; while most surfaces are smooth and modern, textured stone appears here and there to highlight the finish of the ceilings and windows. Nothing has been done carelessly here; the materials used are of high quality throughout: durable, uncomplicated yet unmistakably classical.

Contemporary luxury living is fully supported here, with appliances and fittings from Miele, Blüm and Urbo, baths by Better or Livingstone (with Vogue towel rails!), handmade oak front doors and staircases, custom joinery and Pietra Serena natural stone surfaces. Lighting and data points have been specially designed and reception rooms benefit from lighting control features. The properties are protected by entry phones, CCTV and an alarm system.

This spectacular development is an example of how to renovate a charming property well by seamlessly marrying period and modern features. Located in one of the most up-and-coming regions in the Capital, it is also a reminder of the fantastic new build opportunities London has to offer.

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Surprising results of homebuyer quiz

buy and sell

Homebuyer survey yields surprising – and not so surprising- results

Recent research carried out by Santander has given buyers and agents an insight into what home buyers look for in an area – and some of the results might surprise you!

Location appears to matter more than property style to many buyers – while stand-out or luxury features are desirable, a property with less character in a better location often counts for more. But what makes an area ‘good’?

According to Santander’s findings, the number one purchaser priority is a short and convenient commute. This will particularly resonate with Londoners but applies across the nation.

Convenience also rules where neighbourhood amenities are concerned; buyer interest in living within a short distance of bars, restaurants, cafes and diverse shopping options has risen in recent years. It seems that convenience – and maximising leisure time – is a firm priority, taking precedence over living close to family.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the extent to which proximity to transport links and facilities affects property values. Amazingly, buyers would be willing to fork out £7,129 more for a property within a well-connected and well-supplied neighbourhood. Time, it would seem, most certainly is money to today’s buyers – perhaps something for investors to keep in mind.

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Estate agent comment: The pitfalls of using an on line estate agent

estate agents in london

The founding director of the award winning and leading London estate agency has warned people selling property to think twice when considering an online estate agency.

According to Lee James Pendleton of London estate agents James Pendleton, using an online agent will not only provide very little service but could also lose you money in the long run.

“What are you paying for when you use an online agency?” asks Mr Pendleton. “Your fee may be lower when marketing online than through a high street agent, but it is far less clear what that money is spent on. Shareholders?”

“Selling a property is an incredibly personal process – one whose outcome is likely to intimately affect, maybe even transform, your life. What’s more, the sale process is complex and can be difficult to navigate as well as being extremely emotional. Selling online and bypassing the help of a professional negotiator, then, is a highly risky thing to do.”

“When you go online to sell property you are only marketing your property/ investment, not one person is there to help you achieve a sale and you are paying up front. Does that sound fair?”

“You are not paying to sell as you will be doing that yourself, you are paying to go on the internet, and that’s it! Where is the value is giving an on line agent money?”

“Time and time again clients have come to us with tales of wildly inaccurate valuations and of communication ceasing once their property was on an online agent’s books. I personally engaged with one on line agent and I received an email with a £300,000 variance. I was astounded how much they didn’t know about the area.”

“You could also lose out on the value of your home when selling through an online agent as high street agents has local knowledge and a track record of selling. Negotiating is a skill which develops with experience, and your property’s eventual sale value could suffer if the process is not supported by professional know-how.”

If you’re considering buying online, Pendleton advises asking yourself a number of questions:

  • “Do you have the time and confidence to carry out pre visit checks on the buyer – can they really afford it and have they been correctly vetted?
  • Do you have time to organise daily viewings and get the right feedback for the desired result?
  • Does your on line agent offer open days?
  • Can your online agent help with progressing the sale once one is agreed?
  • Can your online agent deal with difficult problem and sometimes people; does an on line agent have empathy and the ability to control any situation?”

The most important question to ask, though, is:

“Does an online agent care if your property sells once you have paid your fee?

James Pendleton does, and this is the value in using a high street agency.”

James Pendleton Estate Agents are established local high street agents covering primarily South West and Prime Central London. To find out more visit jamespendleton.co.uk or email lee@jphomes.co.uk

What is the price of using online agents? A message from Lee James Pendleton

property election

Recently one of our clients came to us having tried and failed to sell their house through an online agent. Their experience was stressful, frustrating and expensive; they had to pay well over £1000 for a nonexistent service which ultimately failed.

They came to us having arranged all their own viewings with many of them not showing up or if they did where not in a position to buy, one person even came who said I don’t think I can get a mortgage! Crucially, they received no advice on how to connect to their buyers or get the right buyer. This left them with a property that was overvalued, unsold and going stale on the market.

This story is one of many. The dangers of using online agents are repeatedly made clear as people with limited time and no benchmark by which to measure their expectations are left with more work than they started with.

Selling property is a complex process and involves administration, understanding the buyer and sellers needs, mediation, compassion and legwork by the bucket load as well as an understanding of property law and the current market conditions. This is a full time job for our team and they do it to a high standard, but for someone without training and with a full time job of their own the task of selling by oneself is daunting and sometimes frankly dangerous.

Another issue with online agents is pinpointing where the money invested into them goes. A high street agency relies on the quality of its service and of its marketing. If high street agents do a poor job and receive negative feedback, that feedback will impact on an actual location and an actual team whose workload could realistically decrease if a poor service is provided. Because of this, for a high street agent every client’s experience matters. High street agents must work hard to maintain a continued good reputation and to earn the trust of their clients.

With online agents the structure is markedly different. As online agency teams are not directly contactable or accessible it is not clear where payments made are allocated, or whether feedback is received and taken on board. There is no sense of urgency, once you’ve made that payment, for an online agent to honour it through providing a service to you. Online agents are all about numbers; their goal is, in the manner of a telesales business, to build their database by reaching as many people as possible. They are about going viral; about quantity over quality. Once you’ve paid in you’ve helped them towards their only real target, so the incentive for them to provide you with help or to communicate with you has gone.

I would like to advise those thinking about selling through an online agent-steer clear! It may seem like a bargain but tackling a time consuming and difficult process without support from a trained specialist will likely lose you money in the long run. What’s more, in recruiting an online agent you are paying money into a target driven business whose goal is to make initial contact with you, not to actively help you with your investment. Does an on-line agent care if you sell/let your property, we will let you answer that.

It pays to instruct a high street agent as we don’t get paid unless we achieve your goal.

This is what I and my company are fully committed to and you can contact me anytime on lee@jphomes.co.uk or 07881 915 242.

The human side of estate agency

As you will likely know, London is home to estate agents of all kinds: estate agencies can be local or national, online or office based (or both), good or bad. Lucy Pendleton, Founder Director of James Pendleton estate agents in London here explains the company’s reasons for keeping people at its heart.


“As independent London estate agents we work hard to stand out from the crowd. What makes us stand out is the people we employ and the way these people work together. Simply put, we are estate agents who you can enjoy talking to and who you can have a genuine conversation with.

Our consultants, managers and administrators are chosen for their love of all things property and their eagerness to keep alive and refine the human side of estate agency. Having a real person to talk to, one who does not jump to conclusions about your search requirements, waste your time or refuse to listen, is important. We would like to be treated with integrity ourselves so naturally we offer integrity to our clients.


Another thing that is important to us is our expertise. It’s all very well having a pleasant conversation with your estate agent but what our clients really need is advice: solid facts, relevant observations and insider tips. Our clients value the fact that they can spend as long as they need in our offices, having a meaningful conversation which culminates in efficient, effective results.

We have developed, over the years, an approach that we are very happy with, that makes us stand out and that has been very much appreciated by our clients. As estate agents in London we face a lot of competition – but James Pendleton clients keep returning to James Pendleton.”

To find out more about James Pendleton’s approach to estate agency contact the team of London estate agents today.

Why Balham’s popularity keeps increasing

estate agents in Balham

With an exciting year of departmental expansions and company innovations under way  (we are currently celebrating the opening of our tenth office) it also seems like a fitting time to look at what’s great about living in Balham, the location of our first and founding office.

James Pendleton estate agents in Balham and Clapham South opened in 2003 on Balham Hill and covers sales, rentals, landlord and vendor enquiries, Commercial property, Land, New Homes and Investments and International property.  Also based in the Clapham South and Balham office are the company’s award winning Angel and Marketing departments.

“One of the striking things about the area is its diversity” says Ewen Bunting, Sales Director and manager of the estate agents in Balham.  “Contemporary studio apartments, Victorian garden flats and Edwardian family homes with charming period features are all plentiful; there is a strong likelihood that any property hunter will find exactly what they are looking for in SW12.”

It’s no wonder, then, that property prices in Clapham South and Balham are on the up, with sale price increases of 6% reported since the beginning of the year.  This continues last year’s trend for rising prices in the region and suggests that Balham’s vibrant high street, proximity to Tooting Bec, Wandsworth and Clapham Commons, and excellent transport links will continue to attract the interest of buyers and renters from across London and beyond.

To find out more about property in SW12 or to discuss a move contact James Pendleton’s team of estate agents in Balham on 020 8673 7777.

What does ‘iView’ really mean?

If you’re looking to buy or rent a new home in London you will probably have done a fair amount of research from the sofa – scouring estate agency websites, scrolling through portal results and keeping one eye on property market news are all part of the modern property search process.

The style of an estate agent’s website, then, can make a huge difference to the experience.  How informative the site is, how many questions the agency has tried to answer and how easy the site is to navigate: all are indicators of the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the company in question.  Agency sites can also lead to interesting and different ways of experiencing the property search; while Rightmove and Zoopla lists all follow the same simple design template, agency sites such as that of Balham estate agents James Pendleton are able to present investment opportunities more clearly and attractively.

The London agency’s new website design includes an interesting feature which displays the interiors of properties in a similar style to Google Street View. Called ‘iView’, the feature allows you to drag your cursor around the space and to move through it interactively.  This means getting a different sense of a space you would otherwise experience only in print.

For vendors and landlords the benefit of something like ‘iView’ is also clear; the more contact a potential buyer or tenant has with a property, the better informed their choice is.  For James Pendleton developing a new website was all about helping each party to be more informed.

“IView, along with our interactive floorplans, property market guides, property jargon buster, mortgage calculator and in fact every element of our site, has been included in order to give everyone involved with a property as full a sense of that property as possible” says Founder Director Lucy Pendleton.  “The more insights into a property we can offer through things like ‘iView’ the more useful the initial sofa-based property search will be; consequently the better informed each client will be.  It may seem like a small factor in a property sale, but details such as ‘iView’ really help the sale or rental process to run more smoothly.”

To find out more about James Pendleton estate agents’ London offices visit the company contact page.  To test out iView look for the ‘eye’ symbol on property pages or visit the iView guide.

Property News: why it’s a great time to invest in property


2015 looks set to be a strong year for the property market, with increased investment from within the UK and abroad triggering an increase in sales.

International demand for London property grew stronger in 2014 and remains at a high level at the beginning of this year. Property in the UK and particularly in London has long been popular as it represents a secure investment option but in recent months a stable situation has become even more so as confidence in the market builds. An influx of new developments has further boosted interest in sales and rentals in the capital, as our Land, New Homes and Investments team can confirm. With the health of the market on the increase more property owners are choosing to sell; as a consequence rental levels have surged, making it easier for tenants to find properties and thus increasing prices.

As well as the increase in residential property, commercial investment levels are at the highest level since 2007. Andrew Copper, Commercial Director at James Pendleton Estate Agents, is looking forward to a busy year. “We have some very exciting opportunities for our commercial investors this year. The surge in clients looking to sell existing properties and develop new ones, plus the general increase in activity in the market as a whole, has generated energy and interest in the commercial sector. If you’re interested in potentially investing in commercial property now is a great time to come in and talk about it.

To find out more about property for sale or to rent in London, if you’d like to know more about why now is a great time to invest, or if you have a specific interest in commercial property contact our team of estate agents in London today.

James Pendleton ‘Angels’ at your service

_DSC0097The ‘Angel’ after sales care department at leading London estate agents James Pendleton will celebrate three years of being in operation in March 2015. In that time the department has extended the traditional estate agency service and beyond through a series of initiatives that have proved extremely popular with clients.
The department is run by Zara Salih, an experienced property professional who specialises in customer service. “Providing a professional, courteous and thorough service to clients is key to good estate agency; at the same time it is something not many estate agents get right. As an independent South West London estate agents we at James Pendleton know our area inside out. That doesn’t stop us from continually searching for ways to provide a better service to our clients and to answer any question, large or small, which they may have.”
Among the initiatives set up by the ‘Angel’ department are a comprehensive key holding service whereby homeowners can leave a spare set of keys with their local office in case of emergency. The department also provides information on local contractors and helps clients to arrange appointments with trustworthy local companies as well as the ever-popular gift pack for new move-ins.
The ‘Angel’ department centres around local knowledge and service and as such is the embodiment of the local, independent, knowledgeable South West London agency it represents. In October Zara will have been working at James Pendleton for ten years and she and the Angel team have exciting plans for the year ahead, all designed with client firmly in mind.
If you have any questions about the after sales care service, or if you are about to move and have questions about what will happen when you do, contact James Pendleton’s Angel department on 020 7501 1045 or email angel@jphomes.co.uk