Three trends for this year’s autumn property market

buy and sellThe London property market experiences several high points each year driven by different seasonal trends.

For example, the market heats up during the run up to Christmas as people try to complete before the market closes down for the festivities. Then, during the first week of January a surge in the number of buyers pushes up demand and therefore prices.

During July and August, when most families go on holiday, activity increases once as owners try to sell before they go on holiday and again in September as buyers come back from their trips away ready to move home.

Rising demand during the autumn peak period pushes up prices. For example the team at Wandsworth Estate agents James Pendleton last year observed that prices began creeping up in October and November before peaking at a monthly average increase of 2.1% in December – before simmering down to a relatively tame increase of 1% in January.

In London properties sell 5% faster in October than in September so the later in Autumn a property goes on the market, the quicker the sale is likely to be. Properties sell even more quickly after the New Year –homes sold 40% faster during the first three months of the year in London compared to the three months before.

To find out about the current market conditions or if you have a question about buying selling or renting property speak to the team at London estate agents James Pendleton.


Property guide: Parsons Green

The White Horse, Parsons Green

The White Horse, Parsons Green


Parsons Green is a large neighbourhood located within a large bend of the Thames that has been sought after by property investors for some time now for several reasons. The area’s chief appeal lies in being less expensive than neighbouring Chelsea while still offering the kind of airy, wide streets and substantial Victorian houses Londoners love.

The area, which is named after the village green on which the vicar of Fulham once lived, is only 25 minutes by tube from the West End and 35 minutes to the City. It offers four-bedroomed terraced period houses for on average up to £1 million more than Clapham Common, for example, but significantly less than Chelsea. Part of its allure, and high prices, is that the whole area is a conservation area, which in part has helped keep the character of the area intact.

The area is split into around three distinct and desirable areas and property values vary accordingly.

Peterborough Estate
Named after Peterborough House, a mansion that used to stand here, the estate is to the south east of Parsons Green tube station and is famed for the ‘lion’ statues that sit atop each of the red-brick houses on its streets. “Chipstead, Chiddingstone and Quarrendon Streets are all very popular but in general the Peterborough Estate is where the area’s most sought-after houses are found,” says Peter Clarkson, sales manager of agent James Pendleton’s local office.

It’s a name forever connected to its eponymous tennis club, but the roads to the north and west of this sprawling park and private sports and leisure club are much loved for their wide, ‘riverside’ feel and the many villa-style period houses that line the streets; These are very popular with those lucky enough to be members of the Hurlingham, which is a 42-acre oasis of verdant calm set around a Georgian mansion.

Moore Park Estate
Named after the Irish estate of the area’s former owner J Percival Maxwell, Moore Park Estate is in the northern half of Parsons Green and ends on the Fulham Road by the entrance to Fulham FC. Many of its homes are a short walk away from both Eel Brook Common and Fulham Broadway tube station. The bright lights of both the Fulham Road and the King’s Road are also nearby.

What about the rest?
These three areas, and the types of large house they feature, are most popular with families but it’s the homes around Parsons Green tube and the famous White Horse pub or ‘Sloaney Pony’ which attract singles, professionals and young couples in droves.


London estate agency makes an unusual promise

estate agents in south west london

There are nearly 5,000 estate agents in London and it can be tricky to choose between them. Using a marketing campaign backed up by company-wide action, one agent in South West London is making a determined promise to truly ‘go that little bit further’ for their clients.

James Pendleton, one of London’s fastest-growing estate agents with nine branches in the Capital, has launched an unusual advertising campaign to highlight its commitment to customer service for those selling their homes.

The campaign launched in March and includes a recent light-hearted Easter banner. It focuses in a light hearted way on how the South West London estate agents is well known in the Capital for ‘going that little bit further’ and plays on how this frees up time for sellers to focus on other parts of their lives. Posters featuring the new campaign can be seen at sites in Fulham, Balham, Wandsworth and Battersea and have been created following research by the James Pendleton into what its customers really want from an estate agent.

“We found that people selling their homes are more interested in the standard of service offered by their estate agent than any other factors” says Managing Director Lucy Pendleton.

The new adverts reflect the company’s internal culture of going that little bit further to ensure excellent service; helping people move into their new home when a removals company let them down; spending several hours late on a Saturday dismantling furniture in a soon-to-be sold property and helping a vendor who had locked themselves out of their home on a Sunday.

“Ever since the business began we’ve put extraordinary customer service at the heart of it and we wanted our next advertising campaign to reflect this while at the same time retaining our signature tongue-in-cheek tone,” says Lucy.


London’s £1m-plus housing market is expanding

If you live in London and your home is worth more than £1 million then you may be one of the 60,000 or more people who joined this relatively exclusive club last year.

Approximately 240,000 apartments and houses in London are now said to be worth £1m or more and it’s a property market that has turned in an extraordinary performance over the past six or so years since the 2008 financial crisis.

As London’s economy continued to recover this year and unemployment hit a four year low at the end of last year so this increased optimism continues to feed through to the top of the market. Over the past 12 months some 10,000 £1m-plus properties were sold in London, up by over 10% compared to the previous 12 months, latest figures reveal.

“James Pendleton is confident that levels of activity in the £1m-plus housing market will continue to increase this year and although the price increases seen in the prime market within London may not reach the highs of 2013 which saw rises of approximately 9% across the Capital, we anticipate this buoyant market to continue,” says the London estate agents’ Sales Director Ewen Bunting.

London estate agents' Sales Director Ewen Bunting

London estate agents’ Sales Director Ewen Bunting

Experts say the London property market, particularly in central London, has become greatly influenced by foreign buyers and last year some £7 billion was spent by them on property within the M25, a level of investment which is expected to be repeated in 2014 despite new government policies designed to reduce tax breaks for non-UK homeowners.

But as central London’s high prices force many £1m home buyers to look elsewhere, estate agents in Clapham South, Fulham, Wandsworth and beyond are seeing more properties at this price being recorded on their streets.

Be property prepared this New Year!

kings place

2014 is just a handful of days away and the property market is about to undergo its annual holiday hibernation as property owners and searchers alike put their feet up in front of the fire and browse for investment ideas on their smartphones.  Don’t be fooled, though, by a quiet Christmas market: while the festive season is typically one of the year’s least active periods the New Year is known for being quite the opposite.

Plenty of time to think and browse at home coupled with the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions will soon see homeowners rushing to sell in droves, buyers renewing their search with a new energy and landlords taking advantage of the annual post-Christmas flood of tenants.  The expected bustle is always great for the market as a whole but individual clients can find an increase in pace and choice daunting.

That’s why we advise registering with a sales or lettings agent now to take advantage of the automatic property alerts offered by good London estate agents like James Pendleton.  Searching for your dream home is the ideal pastime when the Turkey sandwiches are out and the re-runs are on, and automatic updates tailored to your search criteria remove the need to navigate busy property feeds.

Our advice to property owners is, naturally, to get prepared now to get your property out there ready for the New Year.  Now is not the time to wait-when the whole market is thinking the same thing it pays to be an extra fortnight ahead!

If you’d like to find out how to make the current property market work for you it makes sense to contact your local estate agents in London to speak to an expert.

James Pendleton welcomes a new Angel!



South West London property experts James Pendleton have expanded their popular Angel department with the addition of a new team member.  With nine Estate Agents’ offices in South West London the company is well established throughout the area and is nationally recognised for service innovations.

One such advance introduced over the past few years is the Angel department.  Run by experienced property expert Zara Salih the department was introduced with the aim of extending the service offered during a sale or rental to cover the period from move-in onwards.

By speaking to a James Pendleton Angel a new homeowner or tenant can find solutions to the variety of questions and issues arising during what can be a chaotic time.  On move in day a representative from the department will provide a welcome pack and introduction to the property and local area. There is also an opportunity to leave keys with the secure Angel key holding service, a free concierge style initiative which allows residents to organise access to their property remotely as well as arranging contractor visits through the department’s recommended list of contacts.  This service is extended to buyers for the entire duration of the property ownership.

Joining the Angel team this autumn is experienced property administrator and local resident Sarah Vorley.  Sarah has already made a fantastic impression with local residents and company representatives alike and has proved to be the perfect new addition to a department known for outstanding customer service.

To find out more about the Angel department contact 020 7501 1045.

James Pendleton: nobody does it better!

James Pendleton Estate Agents South West London Billboard Wandsworth Bridge Road

Local Estate Agents in South West London James Pendleton are known for the vibrant and original branded billboards which have become a familiar sight among local motorists.  These campaigns, created by the company’s in house design team, have earned the company marketing acclaim in the form of a silver award for Best Marketing at the Sunday Times and the Times Lettings Agency of the Year Awards (the full list of company awards can be seen here).

The latest offering from the Fulham based design team alludes, in part, to these award wins.  However, the stronger underlying message of the ‘Nobody Does it Better…’ campaign is ‘stop by at one of our offices and give us a try; we will do you and your property proud’. For the awards could not have been won if it weren’t for an unusually dedicated team of experts whose commitment to the property market and to customer service truly sets them apart.  Visit any of the Estate Agents’ offices in South West London and you’ll encounter a thorough, committed service eons apart from the casual agreements made on sites like Upad.

The ‘Nobody Does it Better…’ campaign also alludes to a great British cultural institution whose finesse and style perfectly personifies this part of London.  We’re not saying that explosive toothpaste is a regular sight in Clapham’s supermarkets; nor do we suggest that visitors to the Riverside at Nine Elms are likely to spot a speedboat driven by a cocktail drinking gentleman surrounded by lingerie models cruising the Thames.  It is fair to say though that that the skyline at Nine Elms would be an excellent backdrop for a high speed chase, and the thought of Judi Dench’s M taking up residence in an elegant Tonsleys townhouse is far from alien.  Evil overlords may have trouble finding an underground volcanic lair, but if you’re looking for quality and decadence you will find plenty to captivate.

Of course, the James Bond connection is just for fun, but for this Estate Agents in South West London it’s a perfect way to remind clients that theirs is a service run with integrity, professionalism and style, as the accolades prove.  Whether you’re looking for a seamless property transition, a unique investment opportunity or an in depth introduction to a new area, this team of not so secret agents will be ready and waiting.

Contact us on 020 7501 1044

Managing your inheritance property: some sterling advice from James Pendleton Associate Director Max Green

Inheriting property can be both a blessing and a curse; while family legacy and intergenerational support are things to treasure there can be an awful lot for new property owners to learn. One Estate Agents in Fulham wishes to make it clear that the best thing to do upon inheriting a property is to have a thorough chat with a property expert. Years of experience often prove invaluable when it comes to something as unique, personal and often complicated as a property inheritance case.

Max Green, an Estate Agent in Fulham whose office handles a range of properties for sale and properties to let in Fulham and Parsons Green, has come forward with some very helpful advice for anyone taking on a property inheritance this year.

Max Green, manager of James Pendleton Estate Agents' Fulham & Parsons Green office

Max Green, manager of James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Fulham & Parsons Green office

“Have you inherited a property and sold it?  Take advantage of HM Revenue & Customs’ new property tax amnesty before September this year. The amnesty, entitled the Property Sales Campaign, is an opportunity for anyone who has sold, or given away (‘gifted’) second or additional residential properties in the UK or abroad, to voluntarily disclose their income or gains and pay what they owe in the way of tax by 6 September 2013.”

“Property owners need to notify HMRC by 9 August 2013 in order to qualify for the reduced level of penalty. After the amnesty has closed, HMRC will levy a higher rate of penalty of up to 100 per cent of tax. Many property owners may have inherited their property or received it as a gift and are therefore unaware that they are liable to pay tax on the profit gained following the sale of the home.”

“The HMRC amnesty is good news for anyone who has unwittingly failed to pay monies owed to HMRC, especially if they have sold their house following an inheritance or windfall. Property owners eligible for the campaign can take part and tell HMRC about any gain that they haven’t previously disclosed.”

“The correct level of penalty can then be assessed to reflect why the owner has not paid the right amount of tax in the past. They may also be able to pay what they owe by instalments. The HMRC campaign also covers sales of gardens for building plots. Individuals wishing to take part need to notify HMRC of their name and current address, email address if notifying online, national insurance number and self-assessment unique taxpayer reference if property owner has one.”

Max and his team are always read up on the latest property news and alerts; working with people and their homes for eight years makes for a keen interest in trends and initiatives as well as a solid understanding of the entire property transaction process.  To discuss your property investment with  top Estate Agents in Fulham contact Max on 020 7183 4000 or email

Useful advice on Wood flooring from Woodden @ Mark Rogers Natural Flooring in Fulham

Woodden - wood flooring in Fulham

Woodden – wood flooring in Fulham

When it comes to property, the personal touch can make a huge difference.  As many a South West London Estate Agents can attest, every property is different and most homeowners have a fairly long list of questions to ask.  That’s why when it comes to property ownership or maintenance, customer service is key and Woodden @ Mark Rogers Natural Flooring undoubtedly delivers excellent customer service.

From their office and showroom at 124 Fulham Road in Chelsea, Woodden have laid firm foundations throughout the area as recognised wood flooring experts. Owned by Mark Rogers and run by flooring expert Tim Denholm, Woodden deal ably with large and small scale flooring jobs and are renowned for their polite, friendly and honest approach.

South West London Estate Agents James Pendleton thoroughly recommend Woodden for those looking for real wood flooring expertise underpinned by professional service.  Moreover, Woodden’s dedication to sustainability means you will know exactly where the wood of your new floor originates, how long and well it will last and how it has been sourced.

If you’re a homeowner or property developer in the Fulham and Chelsea area and are in need of quality flooring installed with expertise, it would certainly be worth contacting Woodden and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fulham Estate Agents James Pendleton with any other property queries.

We spoke to wood flooring expert Tim Denholm about Woodden’s ethos and expertise.

  1. When was Woodden established in South West London and what do you love about this area?

Woodden was established as a new business in 2011 and has its first retail base within Mark Roger Natural Flooring on the Fulham road in South West London. I decided it was time to put my years of expertise and love for wood flooring to good use and to enter London’s diverse market. The best thing about South West London is the cultural diversity which translates into every aspect of interior design, not least to wood flooring. This allows me the opportunity to provide a solution to meet all tastes and desires in wood, which is what I love about wood for floors, it can be everything and anything you want it to be.

2.  Could you describe the breadth and scale of jobs you do?

I like to fully meet our clients’ needs, no matter how small or large the project. We have the depth in product availability and expertise to bespoke manufacture for any size and any shaped room, in any dimension or grade of wood. We aim to offer a complete service whilst being polite and professional.

3.  Do you follow a consultation process before starting a job?

We provide a full service where we will visit the site, advise on the best method of installation and our recommendations on the type of wood floor to be installed according to the balance of usage and aesthetic requirements. We have our showroom on the Fulham road where we will happily spend as much time as is required going through the various options and to top it off if we don’t have it, we will bespoke make samples according to the clients requirements to ensure their needs are met.

4.  What are some of the most common misunderstandings about wood flooring?

That it is dead once the tree is cut and that it is maintenance free! Wood flooring is a natural product and once the timber is felled, dried and machined into flooring the very last thing it is, is dead! Wood lives very much in the environment in which it is installed and as this environment changes with the seasons so the wood expands and contracts. Looking after the environment in which the floor lives is the best way of ensuring you get longevity out of the floor.

Wood flooring also requires the correct maintenance; some over the counter detergents and household cleaners strip away the finish after one or two applications and leave the floors prone to staining and marking as well as significantly reducing the aesthetic beauty of the floor. We advise all our customers on the correct maintenance products to use for our floors and more importantly how to use them.

5.  What is your advice for someone looking to keep your new wood flooring in top condition?

As per the previous question – maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Use the correct cleaning products appropriately and maintain suitable levels of humidity in the rooms: this is vital to ensure the wood lasts for many years in top condition.

6.  What kind of questions should someone think about before installing new wood flooring?

That’s a good question! There are numerous considerations to make when installing wood flooring.  Here are some of them:

  • Do I have a damp problem anywhere in the property? If so, get it fixed before even thinking about wood flooring.
  • Design – do I want a Planked wood floor or a Parquet design wood floor
  • Do I want the floor’s natural patina to develop over the years and have the natural character build into the floor or am I looking for something smooth and flat with a “seamless” look which will be easy to maintain?
  • Do I like knots in my wood floor? It might sound silly but some people prefer not to have any knots in their wood floor and at Woodden, we can cater for their needs.
  • “Would you install a white carpet at this point in the building process?” It is a common issue that people want a wood floor installed prior to it being a good idea to do so and I understand that build programmes have time restrictions but sometimes the desired quality and finish cannot be rushed. It is better to get what you want and get it done right, than rush it and be disappointed with your investment and the longer term irritations.
  • Am I having under-floor heating? Under-floor heating is becoming far more prevalent in the flooring market and even though wood is a poor conductor of heat compared to some other materials it still works surprisingly well with under-floor heating, there are some specs which need to be thought about and this is where it helps to have expert advice on how to go about it.
  • Do I want my wood floor to” live” with me or do I want to “live” with my wood floor? Choosing the right wood floor and finish for your lifestyle is paramount to being happy with your investment.

Woodden Floors Limited

London Showroom: Woodden @ Mark Roger Natural Flooring

124 Fulham Road,Chelsea,London SW3 6HU

Tel: 020 7244 0440 or Mobile: 07900 224429

Fulham’s Property Market: an upward trajectory

As London continues to buck property trends, setting new records month after month, so it takes Fulham with it: something which as Estate Agents in Fulham we’re well placed to observe. The SW6 postcode area continues to be excellent value for money in comparison with Chelsea and many other central London areas and the region’s convenient transport links and amenities  make it an attractive base for a family or  a first time buyer keen to jump on the property ladder. Also aiding growth is an influx of buyers from across Europe and the rest of the world who see the city as a safe haven for their investment.

At the end of 2012 the average price of a property sold in SW6 was £794,000, up 7.06% from the previous year. What we expect to see as the year progresses is that this figure increases further: in fact, we anticipate that it will rise above the 2012 high of £910,185.

Homebuyers can expect a more competitive market in Fulham in 2013. Stock levels are low and are expected to remain that way throughout the year, so house hunters should be prepared for a speedy transaction. Inevitably when the number of properties for sale reduces, prices are driven upwards. As the graph below shows, as the number of sold properties decreased towards the end of 2012 the average price of a house in SW6 increased.

Estate Agents in Fulham

Data taken from Rightmove and compiled by James Pendleton

Sellers are shifting into the driver’s seat and we are expecting there to be plenty of competition in certain markets due to the low supply. While homes will sell quicker this year, they still have to be priced right. We have already seen a large increase in the number of multiple offer scenarios throughout all seven of our South West London offices and this trend is sure to continue.

If you are thinking of selling your property in 2013 or have been on the market and would like some advice on getting your house sold please give us a call; we would be delighted to come out to visit you at your home.

Max Green

Associate Director, James Pendleton Estate Agents Fulham & Parsons Green 020 7183 4000