Riverside property in London


If you’re looking to invest in property in London, we recommend that you explore the riverside. The Thames is the beating heart of London and has been instrumental in forming the city’s unique character over the centuries and has an exciting future, shaped as it is by new development initiatives. The team at London Estate Agents James Pendleton run through some of the best things about property at the riverside.

Incredible riverside views

This is the obvious one – if you live along the river you’ll enjoy incredible views. During the day the Thames offers a sense of space in the heart of a busy city, while at night the water glitters and shimmers as the lights of the metropolis hit the surface. The city’s bridges each have a different character and story, while a walk along the Thames reveals landmarks including the London Eye, Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament and the Shard.

The key to London’s character

The Thames has shaped the character of the Capital without a doubt. In fact, without the fertile soil and speedy transportation it provided the Capital might not have developed here at all. In London’s early history the city itself was small and surrounded by farmland irrigated by the river; in more recent years the Thames became a conduit for the vast amounts of raw materials needed to fuel the Industrial Revolution. Living at the riverside, you’ll be connected directly to the rich history and vibrant character of a unique city.

Reliable investment potential

The iconic riverside is a reliable place to invest; views, central location and deep connection with the character of London give areas along the Thames a huge amount of development potential and make them ultra-appealing to buyers and tenants.

Central location

For those living along the riverside, getting into work or doing some shopping can often be done on foot – as the Thames dissects the Capital, if you live along its banks you will be within a short distance of a great range of amenities. Sought after locations easily accessed from the riverside include Chelsea, Fulham, Putney and Nine Elms. Explore the city by taking a different route and you will learn a lot more about it than you would taking the Tube!

New Homes

The riverside is home to some of the city’s most exciting property developments. Due to the area’s popularity and investment potential the banks of the Thames are home to some of the best and brightest new build developments in the UK, which are often quickly snapped up. The Wandsworth section of the South Bank and the Nine Elms region are areas to look out for if you’re thinking of investing in new build property in London.

Are you interested in exploring riverside property in London further, or visiting specific developments? Our recently opened Battersea and Riverside office specialises in property along the Thames; speak to our team today if you’d like to find out more about the riverside properties on our books.

Contact Sam Wylie on sam@jphomes.co.uk or 07946 138 535


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  1. I absolutely loved reading this post. It is informative, completely comprehensive and straight to the point. well done and thank you.

  2. Excellent ! You have turned a passing moment of research into a rich and rewarding experience. This approach is so helpful, and I commend such personal attention to detail and care to bring these stories to life. Thank you !

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