Surprising results of homebuyer quiz

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Homebuyer survey yields surprising – and not so surprising- results

Recent research carried out by Santander has given buyers and agents an insight into what home buyers look for in an area – and some of the results might surprise you!

Location appears to matter more than property style to many buyers – while stand-out or luxury features are desirable, a property with less character in a better location often counts for more. But what makes an area ‘good’?

According to Santander’s findings, the number one purchaser priority is a short and convenient commute. This will particularly resonate with Londoners but applies across the nation.

Convenience also rules where neighbourhood amenities are concerned; buyer interest in living within a short distance of bars, restaurants, cafes and diverse shopping options has risen in recent years. It seems that convenience – and maximising leisure time – is a firm priority, taking precedence over living close to family.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the extent to which proximity to transport links and facilities affects property values. Amazingly, buyers would be willing to fork out £7,129 more for a property within a well-connected and well-supplied neighbourhood. Time, it would seem, most certainly is money to today’s buyers – perhaps something for investors to keep in mind.

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