New recommendations from RICS to improve property market research


The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has developed new “Property in Politics” recommendations as a guide for new government ministers.

With the political landscape in the process of changing, it is hoped that the plans will ensure that the property market develops in a way which benefits the economy without being politicised.  They centre around the suggested establishment of a ‘Housing Observatory’ whose role would be to compile independent research allowing better long term monitoring and analysis of the property market.

The Observatory would assess the impact of current market structures locally, nationally and internationally, identify areas for improvement, and suggest and support new avenues for research.  One area which has been highlighted for review is Council Tax, which should, according to RICS, undergo a full assessment.

It seems certain that the property market will see sustained change over the coming years, which RICS hopes will be made with less connection to politics and more connection to property experts.


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