The human side of estate agency

As you will likely know, London is home to estate agents of all kinds: estate agencies can be local or national, online or office based (or both), good or bad. Lucy Pendleton, Founder Director of James Pendleton estate agents in London here explains the company’s reasons for keeping people at its heart.


“As independent London estate agents we work hard to stand out from the crowd. What makes us stand out is the people we employ and the way these people work together. Simply put, we are estate agents who you can enjoy talking to and who you can have a genuine conversation with.

Our consultants, managers and administrators are chosen for their love of all things property and their eagerness to keep alive and refine the human side of estate agency. Having a real person to talk to, one who does not jump to conclusions about your search requirements, waste your time or refuse to listen, is important. We would like to be treated with integrity ourselves so naturally we offer integrity to our clients.


Another thing that is important to us is our expertise. It’s all very well having a pleasant conversation with your estate agent but what our clients really need is advice: solid facts, relevant observations and insider tips. Our clients value the fact that they can spend as long as they need in our offices, having a meaningful conversation which culminates in efficient, effective results.

We have developed, over the years, an approach that we are very happy with, that makes us stand out and that has been very much appreciated by our clients. As estate agents in London we face a lot of competition – but James Pendleton clients keep returning to James Pendleton.”

To find out more about James Pendleton’s approach to estate agency contact the team of London estate agents today.


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2 Responses to The human side of estate agency

  1. Shailesh Patel says:

    I have known Lee Pendleton since 14 years when he had his 1 st estate agent at Balham .He is like a brother to me very caring ,hamble and gentlemen with big heart. I have always used James Pendleton and I highly recommend them. They are the best .
    Best wishes .
    Shailesh Patel.

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